7 Symptoms of Nerve Deficiency

7 Symptoms of Nerve Deficiency
7 Symptoms of Nerve Deficiency

Seven Signs of Nerve Weakness

If you ask me how I am, the sun is good. Let something happen over there. It’s not that I don’t know what to do with it, it’s just that I don’t know what to do with it. Even if you go to the doctor, you still have a set of symptoms that are difficult to tell.

The nervous system of the human body is very important because it spreads throughout the body. Its function has a profound effect on everything from movement to the brain, so the nervous system needs to be healthy.

When the nerves are weak, the person may explode and his / her ability to function may be affected.

What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown?


Have you ever had numbness in your limbs? It is not because of the cold weather that it is difficult to feel drowsy often. Vitamin B12 deficiency can damage the protective layer that covers the nerves. It can also be caused by Crohn’s disease or other intestinal disorders that can impair vitamin absorption.

Very cold

It’s getting colder now than it used to be. If you feel a slight chill and your body is shaking, you may be anemic. Insufficient B12 deficiency can lead to low red blood cell count. So the toes. My fingers felt cold and shivering.

Brain function is disrupted

Depression Confusion, forgetfulness, Inattention is a symptoms of B12 deficiency.

Weakness of the body

The man seemed weak. Muscles are weak. If you feel tired or dizzy, you may have a nervous breakdown. These symptoms get worse. In the Fri run, you should see a doctor and take tonics.

Heart rate

A fast heartbeat is also a sign of nerve weakness. Chicken Eggs Fish can be a good source of vitamin B12. Enthusiasm; can cause nerve damage and other serious illnesses.

Sore mouth

If you have sores on your gums or tongue, it may be due to B12 deficiency, anemia, or some other medical condition.

Abdominal problems

Mouth sores I lost a lot of weight. Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation can occur. If your B12 level is too low, you should see a doctor and get an injection.


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