Balanced Diet for a healthy life

We should eat a healthy diet properly for a good life.

Balanced Diet for a healthy life
Balanced Diet for a healthy life

Balanced Diet for a healthy life

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a diet that maintains the health and efficiency of an individual. It contains an adequate amount of basic nutrients which are carbohydrates, lipid, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water in suitable proportion.

Four basic food groups

– according to the types of nutrients in foods

  1. The milk and milk products.
  2. Cereals and bread.
  3. Vegetables and fruits.
  4. Meat, fish, poultry, and alternates.

Three food groups

– according to the functions of foods

  1. Bodybuilding foods

Fish, organ meats, poultry, beans and nuts, eggs, and milk are in this group. The foods of this group are rich in protein, iron, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus. They help in building your body muscles. Balanced Diet for a healthy life

2. Energy-rich foods

These foods are usually high calories foods. We are provided energy from them but they can cause your fat if consume a lot. Rice, corn, bread, noodles, sugar, starch, butter, margarine, coconut oil, and other fats are the members of this group.

3. Protective foods

Various kinds of fruits and vegetables keep us healthy. They are rich in multi-vitamins. They help us regulate our health so they are also known as regulating foods. Green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits and vegetables, lemon, guava, tomatoes, green peppers, and other fruits and vegetables are all energy-rich foods. Balanced Diet for a healthy life

What happens if we don’t consume the 3 food groups in the same ratio?

Many complications can happen to anyone if they don’t consume the 3 food groups in balance. You cannot eat less or more of any of the food. You must eat everything in balance to live a well, healthy life.

Overweight, underweight, malnutrition, and obesity are results of not eating 3 food groups in the same balance. You can even get cardiovascular diseases like thrombosis, hypertension, diabetes, and many other diseases. Type 2 diabetes, stroke, dyslipidemia, gall stones, cancers, respiratory and musculoskeletal disorders, and psychological problems. Balanced Diet for a healthy life

If you don’t eat enough to put your body in a good state, you can be undernutrition. It can lead to Protein-energy malnutrition(PEM), marasmus, and kwashiorkor.

How to plan a balanced diet

Diet must contain bodybuilding, energy-yielding, and protective foods in correct proportion. However, it has been found that the constituents of a balanced diet differ. It is according to age, sex, physical activity, economic status, and physiological status. All constituents of carbohydrate, fat, and protein should be in ideal proportion and must contain enough fibers. Diet should be hygienic and locally available and fit with local food habits. Balanced Diet for a healthy life

Dietary habits can be included meal patterns and the amount and composition of food. We can determine one’s diet by biological, psychological, sociologic, and cultural factors.

Diet is not the only option to get a healthy life

Although diet plays a huge part in human life, it is not the only option to live a healthy life. Always monitor your BMI(Body mass index) and adjust your diet. Do not forget to do some physical activities for strength and health.

Controlling your diet and physical activities, is a great start to a healthy life, at least physically.

– KKul


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