Best Teething Whitening Kits

Best Teething Whitening Kits
Best Teething Whitening Kits

Best teeth whitening kit

Best Teething Whitening Kits You are constantly using your teeth for daily consumption of meals, a range of different drinks such as red wine and coffee, also medication, and some, smoking, which will lead to much discoloration sooner or later. Yellow and discolored teeth can drag down your confidence and affects your daily life.


There are ways such as regular brushing, flossing, and different ways of teeth cleaning methods that can reduce the stains on your teeth and maintain strong and healthy teeth. Turning to professional dentists to undergo the process of teeth whitening is fast but people should keep in their mind that such an option is quite pricy. Therefore, many people start to choose teeth whitening kits that can not only be used in their homes but are also more budget-friendly than other options and can also deliver wonderful results.

What are teeth whitening kit?

 Teeth whitening kits are products that include hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, ingredients that can penetrate sponge-like holes of our teeth and remove the stains mostly caused by food as soon as they contacted our teeth. 

The kinds of toothpaste we use daily cannot penetrate such layers and therefore, are unable to remove certain stubborn stains. Both ingredients, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, are active whitening agents and people can choose a more suitable one for them as directed by their dentists.

These whitening kits come in dental trays which have been filled with whitening gel or solution. People should clean their teeth at the dentist’ and get correct instructions for one appointment and from then on, they can continue this treatment in their homes. The kit comes in plastic trays which are one-size-fits-all, and you can take them off whenever you need to refill the whitening gel or solution.

The increasing popularity of kits with LED lights

Nowadays, teeth whitening kits with LED lights have been gradually becoming trendy because they are easier to use and they are more physically attractive than traditional Best Teething Whitening Kits.

These dental trays which are filled with whitening gel or solution are getting attached to LED light so that the ingredients will be activated for use. LED light also helps the ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide perform better and produce more visible results. As a result, you can get a brighter and whiter set of teeth.

How to use kits with LED lights

First, you will need to release some whitening gel or solution into the mouth tray. Then, you can place the solution-filled mouth tray into your mouth and cover your teeth in the perfect position.

After that, you can simply turn on the whitening light and wait for 10 minutes. (Depending on the product, you can wait as long as half an hour if you wish) You only need to undergo this process once a day. For visible results, you can repeat this process daily for at least a week.

In some products, however, you will need to apply whitening gel directly on your teeth using a tool called “the whitening pen” and cover your teeth with a mouth tray. After waiting for 10 minutes and below, you can remove the tray and rinse it with water.

How long should I wait to get results?

You would need to undergo the 10-15 minutes process daily for at least 3 weeks consecutively so that your teeth can absorb all the whitening agents and perform bleaching chemical reactions to whiten your teeth.

After 3 weeks, you can continue to carry out this process one or two times weekly to maintain your whitened teeth for the long term. The teeth cleaning mouth tray and kits can last long to 6 months so you can get the perfect teeth with less money. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully and not overuse them, since they might do harm to your teeth.


Teeth whitening kits vs Professional dentist whitening

Using teeth whitening kits at home, you will need to wait for a month to see desirable shade changes in your teeth. You will also require to perform the mouth tray process daily throughout these weeks. But at dentists, you can get teeth 8 shades whiter in a single appointment of 1-2 hours long.

Moreover, in-clinic whitening can let you have a set of white teeth longer than at-home teeth whitening methods since the solutions are much stronger and can penetrate deeper into your teeth. Also, it can promise you more consistent results for each tooth since it has been performed by a professional.

However, a single appointment at the dentist’s office can cost you $300 or more while at-home teeth whitening kits and trays can cost you only around $50. Therefore, DIY at-home dental kit is more budget-friendly for most people and also promises slow but sure results.


Best teeth whitening kits

Crest 3D White strips with light

It is from the brand “Crest” and although it costs around $69 dollars, it is a LED kit and results can last up to 36 months. It can be purchased on Amazon

Crest 3D White strips

This one is also from the brand “Crest” but it is not a LED kit. It is surprisingly easy to use and everyone can get whiter teeth just by following 3 simple steps. Each strip can be applied once a day for 30 minutes peruses.


Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a product of “Snow” and it is a LED light mouth tray even suitable for sensitive teeth. It has been recommended by most dental professionals and the product is very appealing. The only drawback is that it is probably the most expensive whitening kit out there, costing about $39-150 per pack.

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