Different Meditations

Different Meditations
Different Meditations

Different Meditations

The first thing I want to talk about is meditation. What adults should do To stop what we see as a Buddhist issue.

Anyone can do it and it has become a 21st-century lifestyle.

In today’s competitive world, The development of material things; Mental health is becoming increasingly important for those who are struggling with uncertainty.

Even more so for those of us who have been overthrown in such a coup d’état.

This article is intended for those who have never meditated. You can use any method that suits you because it is written in different ways.

1. Inhale and exhale

This is called They breathe for seconds every day, but they do not even notice that they are breathing. Here’s how to put one together for use with your nose.

If you enter, you enter. When I leave, I leave. Just to know. You will be distracted. Let it go.

Be careful and send it back to the tip of the nose. It will be broadcast again. Yes. No problem. Send it back to the tip of the nose. Gradually, you will find that your distractions get better.

2. Focus on something

For example, counting the number of breaths, I looked at the candles. Or you can play meditation music and focus on that song. The same thing applies to ventilation. But if that’s difficult to remember, you can focus on something else.

3. Paying attention to activities

Yoga practice Walking At such times, your baby’s wrists should rotate over and the elbows should bend, with the clubhead brought behind.

It’s like memorizing movements such as leg raises. This method is also included Buddhism. You may have seen people walking slowly and regularly in meditation camps.

4. Focusing on God

This is called spiritual meditation. For Buddhists, it is the cultivation of Buddhism. Focusing on the virtues of the Buddha from the mind.

For example, the Blessed One, who is free from lust; I do not do bad things, even in secret. It is like imagining the virtues of self-respect, such as saying only good words in the forest.

Other religions also have God’s grace. His love, I think you can think of salvation with sincerity in your heart.

5. Body scan reading

It is a way of breaking down your body from head to toe and focusing on the experience of pain. It is known to be used in Goenka’s meditation camps. When it comes to segmentation, if your mind is not very sharp, you can head to head. It can be considered face-to-face.

Instead of marking the affected area, you should try to cover it from head to toe. Or from the feet to the head; It’s kind of memorized. If you meditate for half an hour, you have to memorize it for less than half an hour.

Pain is not just pain. Sweating is also a pain because it is an experience. Cold sores can also be a pain. Muscle stiffness is also a pain. At first, I was dumbfounded, and I knew it was a very serious illness. Later on, the tendons feel tight. You will start to notice dry lips.

6. Sending love

From experience, instead of sending love to the whole world, Send it from people who have been kind to you. Then relatives. Friend Partner Late Send people in distress, step by step.

The key is to have more love in your mind. Only then will you be able to do whatever you want with love in mind. It will happen no matter what. Relationships will improve. You can even carry out a revolution with love.

It is difficult for us to be like the buffalo that came because of the power of our love and turned away.

So, if you send me love, I will not be in danger. Get rid of the ego that I love. Do not deceive yourself. Send it with the intention of making it good. Let the person who hates you fall in love again.

Do not send love just to make a debtor want to pay. It is useless. For this reason, the person who sends the greeting is ‘Azusa, You need to be honest. The Buddha taught that one should be very honest.

7. Imagination

What do you want to be? What do you want to do in the future? Or imagining the kind of family life you want.

Even when you are not sitting still, sometimes when you feel down, you tend to think like that. How can I live if I live alone?

How do I build my family?

I will not be a Buddhist in the future mind-centered teaching of the Buddha. Christian Islam Hindu Atheist The idea is to share it so that anyone can come and listen. So if other ways of meditating are still difficult, you can easily start with this.

8. Funeral meditation

These are the ugliness of your body. Contemplating disgusting things. These days it is very easy. Search the internet for pictures of body parts. The surface is beautiful with six-packs. It’s just disgusting inside.

Have you ever seen the latest zombie cars? When you see a bowel movement, think about it. Then the body removes dirt and grime. Sweat Urine You can think about it like saliva.

It should be done especially by those who are greedy. Prince on the phone Princess People who save a lot of pictures of nude models can do so if they want to get rid of them.

9. Mortality

Funerals I’ve seen You can visualize scenes when you lose a relative. Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. Imagine family members weeping over the loss of a loved one.

Its purpose is to remind everyone that this is the way to go. Then pride will subside. Materialism and lust for people. There will be less hatred. You will use your time wisely. So do not feel overwhelmed by death. It is also beneficial in real life.

Here are nine tips to help you get started: People have different tastes. Each need is different. For example, people who are not very angry. A person who loves and treats anyone does not need to meditate on love.

Instead, think of these as actions that you must take regularly. You can also do it depending on your current state of mind. Sometimes I feel so confused that I can not focus on the air I breathe. You can do this by focusing on the glory of God.

It is said that an act becomes a habit after 21 consecutive days. It will no longer be forced, it will happen automatically. Therefore, meditate regularly for 21 days. Not only mental health but also performance, Social relations; You’ll also notice a significant improvement in your ability to concentrate.



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