Different uses of aloe vera

Some effective ways to use aloe vera

Different uses of aloe vera
Different uses of aloe vera

Different uses of aloe vera

What is Aloe vera?

Commonly known as a topical gel used to treat sunburn, Aloe vera is gel from the leaves of aloe plants. People have used it for thousands of years for healing and softening the skin.

Not only that, people use aloe vera to treat hair and face, and skin. We can even consume aloe vera as a healthy drink.

The uses of Aloe Vera

Since people use aloe vera in many different ways, I am gonna share some useful tips for you today.

As for skincare

We have known that aloe vera can be used to heal burns and acne. Let’s see how perfectly they are useful as skincare.

Exfoliating moisturizer pad

Cut aloe vera in the middle into two parts. Put some amount of sugar onto the jelly part of aloe vera and apply it to your skin. You can apply it to both your face and body.

The result can be seen in a few weeks. You will see the dead skin of your body and face exfoliate and glisten with moisture and of course soft texture.

Moisturizing face mask

Again, cut aloe vera and apply it to your face every day before or after you use your facial foam. A same before, you can see results in a few weeks.

Acne treatment

Grind some amount of aloe vera in the blender. Put into a bowl and apply to your acne with a cotton stick. Leave overnight, do it for a week and you will be satisfied with the result.

Sunburn/ any burn soother

If you got sunburns or burns from anything, just apply aloe vera to the affected area. The redness and pain will reduce effectively.

Heel softener

As we have to walk every day, whether long or short walk, our heels suffer a lot. It results in cracked heels. If you have cracked and rough heels, apply aloe vera to your heels. The result will be like you used moisture socks.

Inner body parts

You can also use aloe vera to soften inner body parts like the armpit, groin and knees, and elbows.

As haircare

Hair conditioner

After you wash your hair, apply the grinded aloe vera to your hair and massage it. You will see the result right away. Do it every time you wash your hair and you will see your hair becomes stronger, darker, prettier. You won’t even have to use a hair conditioner at all. Also, it will reduce the amount of hair loss.

As medicines

Respiratory system

Many people use aloe vera as a home remedy to treat respiratory system illness; to clear sinuses and respiratory tract.


We have also found out that aloe vera can be used as a supplement.

As a diet for weight loss purposes

Cleansing juices

Some people include aloe vera in detox juice for weight loss. There has also been proved that it can help in weight loss.

Weight loss remedy

In some Asian countries, some people use aloe vera in formulating weight loss remedies.

To be concluded, aloe vera is such a great plant that can be used in many different ways. We are lucky that nature provides us for free.

by KKul


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