Face Shield Mask

Face Shield Mask
Face Shield Mask

Face Shield Mask

Face shield masks provide another barrier because anything that is sprayed towards the face just hit the shield and cannot penetrate the surface.

Coronavirus has spread all around the world and many health organizations have recommended people equip a piece of additional equipment as a face shield to prevent, or at least slow, the spread of the virus.

The face shield can easily be found at Chemist, supermarkets, and small convenience stores. You can also easily reuse a face shield mask, you just wash it with soap and water and if you are in a hurry, you can just quickly clean it with sanitizer.

So, instead of the usual face masks which we use and dispose of afterward almost immediately, face shield masks are a more environmentally friendly option for us to choose. But it should not completely replace the face mask, whether it is disposable or reusable cloth.

Coronavirus and Protection measures

Starting from 2019, coronavirus disease has been a global pandemic, and every government, organization, and person around the world has been fighting it off ever since.

Wearing masks is one of the measures people can take to prevent the spread of the disease, followed by frequent hand washing, carrying out necessary hygiene, and avoiding highly populated public areas.

What is a face shield mask made of?

Face shield mask is made of 3 basic materials headband, a head strap, and a clear plastic shield. All these materials are light weighted and elastic, especially the head strap.

Either for individual use or for mass production, the materials needed to produce a face shield mask are very basic and easy to retrieve. However, all these materials should be orderly and sanitized so that they are qualified for public health use.

The correct way to clean the face shield mask

If you are in a rush, you can quickly clean a face shield with some antibacterial wipes but you need to keep in mind that this will not clean the mask thoroughly and can leave some residue.

At home (not in a professional health care setting), you can clean it in warm, soapy water or you can take your time cleaning it with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes. But you should never use a window or any other household cleaner since such harsh cleaners can not only damage the shield mask but also your face.

Are there any benefits?

Many people might ask what’s the use of wearing a face shield mask when you’re already wearing a face mask? Will it provide additional protection to the wearer? Will it block the bacteria and viruses 100%?

Wearing face shield masks, however, gives you an additional layer of protection and gives a sense of security when you are in close proximity to others such as in public places.

They do double up the existing protection layer and are very effective against germs and droplets. Also, it prevents the coronavirus from entering not only the noses and mouth but also the eyes.

Because of these different benefits, different individuals have chosen to add on face shield mask to their base face mask.

Face mask vs Face shield mask: An additional shield for Coronavirus?

A face shield shouldn’t be a substitute for the face mask since a face shield alone will not be as preventive as a face mask. But health professionals recommend people to use face shields because of the many additional benefits they bring.

It can surely keep people from touching their faces. This might not sound like a benefit but actually, our hands reach most places and a lot of germs can stay on them. Touching your face with your hands frequently might help the germs enter your eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. Wearing a face shield mask can help break such a habit.

It will protect your eyes from the environment. There is no doubt that this is an undeniable advantage of face shield masks. Face masks are more effective in protecting your body parts from external factors but it can’t protect your eyes, only a face shield mask can do that.

Finally, it can be washed and reused just like a face mask. Although face shield masks are more expensive than face masks, the fact that you can reuse them is a favorable factor; both for your budget and environment.

Therefore, people tend to add face shield masks to their Coronavirus protection bucket list. Although it is not a substitute, it is a great add-on.


Face shield mask prices vary depending on their manufacture and quality. However, it is in the affordable range for everyone. A face shield mask can cost you just around one dollar and the more expensive ones are around 15 dollars. But since you can wash them and reuse them again and again for some time, this is a fair deal.

You can buy these different face shield masks at your local stores, chemist, or on online shopping sites like Amazon.


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