6 Fashion Tips For Rainy Season 

Fashion Tips For Rainy Season
Fashion Tips For Rainy Season

6 Fashion Tips For Rainy Season 


Fashion Tips For Rainy Season With Moonsoon right around the corner, I bet you’re wondering “What should I wear in the rain?, How to style a rainy day outfit?”. Rest assured sis. I’m here to help you be the most fashionable girl in the rain. 


(1) Choose light clothes 


Nope, not about colors, about feeling. Even the lightest clothes can feel heavy when wet. So, choose cotton, silk, and other light and comfortable fabrics. Remember, comfortableness is key to looking sexy. 


(2) Cut it short


Not about your hair, about your clothes. You don’t want to be going around in long wet skirts or bottoms all day. Plus, long bottoms take more time to dry up. So, choose short or medium length clothes. 


(3) Jeans 


I cannot tell you how much jeans match rainy weather. You can style denim shorts with a white shirt and look effortlessly fabulous. Pick jeans for casual wear on rainy days. 


(4) Be colorful 


Yep, this one’s about color. Leave your white and pale-looking clothes in summer. Cheer the blue weather up with bright colors like red, yellow, orange, and tangerine. You can mix and match colors to look active and upbeat during rainy days. 


(5) Comfortable footwear


The rainy season is the best time to wear those crocs you have that everyone thinks are ugly. Style them with short pants, and colorful dresses, and also you can choose white sneakers with fun belts. 

(6) Don’t forget to accessorize 


You are going to want your accessories to be waterproof and rainproof. Choose waterproof watches, bags, etc. And if you don’t want your precious jewelry to look dull, you can keep the good ones and opt-out of fancy and one-time thing cheap necklaces and rings. 


These are a few of the essential tips to look attractive in rainy weather. And don’t forget a smile is the most attractive thing a girl can wear. See ya bitches!!!

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