Food and Skin

How foods are affecting on the skin health?

Food and Skin
Food and Skin

Food and Skin

Does food really associate with your skin health?

Many people would think what we eat doesn’t have anything to do with the health of the skin. To have a good, glass glow skin, food plays an important role. The diet affects our health and also our skin.

Some people who seriously take care of their skin are extremely sensitive about their diet, too. They make sure what they eat and do to maintain glass skin.

Let’s see what foods can do good or bad for our skin.

Salty foods

Foods with much salty taste are really for your skin, and also for your health. We have already known that salty foods can make us get hypertension and such diseases. If you consume many salty foods in the long term, you can get a lot of acne on your skin. Your skin won’t be clear and there will be a lot of skin defects.

People really like those kinds of salty foods but we must know that they are not good for us. We can, of course, eat some amount of salty foods once a week or once in a while. So, just take note that salty foods can harm your skin and health.

Spicy foods

Nowadays, people are eating spicy noodles on a daily basis. Instant noodles alone have many bad effects on our well-being. If combined with spicy, it is a great combo to destroy ourselves. Spicy foods can cause more acne than normal. They will also make your stomach upset. You get hurt when you excrete them, too. We all have been there.

Spicy foods are really bad so we should avoid them as much as we can. Even though you are a spicy lover, try to avoid consuming spicy foods every day for yourself, your health, and your skin.


Here comes a warning for the sweet tooth (s). Research has been found that sweet-tooth(s) are usually oily skin owners. They tend to have oily skin than normal people. That means sweets can cause you to get oily skin. Thus, reduce your sweet intake if you eat too many sweets.

Oily foods

Deep-fried foods are such bad foods for everyone. They make you gain weight and cause several health problems. They make your skin acne-prone. Your skin will not be as clear as you are trying to get if you are eating too many oily foods on a daily basis.


Meat alone is not a problem. But, you can get wrinkles at a young age and appears to be older than your age if you only eat meat and not vegetables and fruits.

Refined grains

White rice, white bread, wheat, and the foods that are made with them, can affect badly on your skin. We cannot avoid eating these foods completely but we can reduce eating them for healthy skin.


Many kinds of vegetables are good for you in different ways. Fibers in them help with your digestive system and make your skin clear and glow if you eat enough of them.


They are vitamin-rich foods. You need to eat at least a fruit if you want to have glass glow skin. The constituents in them make your skin moisturize and look healthy.


Water is the best thing we can put into our mouths for many purposes. 3 liters of water a day can make your skin clear as glass if you can do it every day.

We cannot live without eating anything. We need to eat anything every day to go on in this life. To get a longer life, we need to take care of what we eat. It is somehow associated with our skin health too right. I hope everyone who reads this article can get a happy, healthy life and skin.

– KKul


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