Get fit in 30 days at Home

Let's get fit in 30 days!

Get fit in 30 days at HOME
Get fit in 30 days at HOME

Get fit in 30 days at HOME

Let’s slim down in 30 days at HOME 

Get fit in 30 days at HOME Do you want to slim down your body but don’t have time to go to the gyms? OR you don’t have time to cook diet foods? This is for you.

You don’t need to go to the gyms, you can just do these easy workouts at home. And you don’t really have to cook diet foods. You can eat your regular foods but with modifications.

Let’s get to the topic!

~ Do calorie burn workout every day. 

You are consuming a great amount of food aka calories every single day. Those stay under your belly, butt and arms, and thighs. Then, you become heavier than you used to be. Unless you try to burn these fats in your body, you can’t stay fit. So, we must do calorie burn workouts to get rid of them.


Planks are great calories burn workouts. Side plank, spiderman plank, and normal plank, all of them are really good at burning your calories. Your body will hate you when you start doing these planks. But they will love you after 30 days.

~ Wall-sit

Do you think this is easy? Well, try to do wall-sit for 60 seconds. You will see your whole body shaking like crazy even before 60 seconds is up. This easy yet hard exercise is really effective for getting fit.

~ Squats 

Different kinds of squats are also very very great for you to lose your fat. According to the method, the body part that slims down will be different. Just try doing normal squats daily and you will see your thighs getting slimmer.

~ Rope Jumping 

Pope jumping is an extremely great activity for you if you are trying to get fit. Don’t drink too much water before or while you are doing it. You can get an upset stomach.

These are a few effective home workouts for you.

Ok! Now, let’s move on to the diet part. 

Even though you are working out extremely, you won’t get lose any weight if you don’t change your diet. Hey, don’t worry. The diets I’m gonna tell you are not that difficult.

Alright, let’s get started.

~ Change the ingredients of your recipes 

1. SALT 

This is the most important thing. Little did you know, salt is the worst ingredient that is causing the problem. Change your normal salt to pink salt or Himalayan salt and you will see the obvious result.

2. OIL 

We know oil plays important role in gaining weight. Use olive oil instead of your usual oil to cook any recipes. You will be satisfied with your result.

3. MILK 

Normal milk contains a lot of calories. So, try to drink low-fat milk or almond milk instead of normal milk in these 30 days.


Replace your white rice and bread with brown rice and bread which contains much fewer carbohydrates.

Do these I mentioned above and you also need to reduce the daily amount of food you consume in order to get fit. Remember to stay positive while doing this. Do not force yourself and do not extremely do these workouts or diet.


NOTE: You can also do the fasting diet. But please don’t do any workouts if you are doing fasting.



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