Benefits of a very popular 36-hour fast a day

Benefits of a very popular 36-hour fast a day
Benefits of a very popular 36-hour fast a day

Benefits of a very popular 36-hour fast a day

Here are the benefits of fasting for 36 hours a day which is very popular these days

There is historical evidence that there were many intellectuals in the world about 6,000 years ago.

It’s known that people can live a long and healthy life by doing long hours of fasting exercises. Now we can do the same thing.

It is a good idea to choose holidays for 36 hours fasting, so start on Friday night. After dinner at 7 pm on Friday, you should drink only one type of water for 36 hours without eating anything, no calories, and no soft drinks. Keep zero calories. From 7 pm to 7 am on Sundays. Drink as much water as you like and get as much sleep as you like.

The health benefits of this diet are many. When you cut down on food, your body seeks nutrients to get energy. When it does not find nutrients, it pursues fat in the body.

There is an autoimmune system in the body that works better when the diet is stopped. The auto-repair system auto-corrects the disease without the need for medication. The disease goes away on its own. Even the sick gradually recover.

When the body needs energy, it reaches the cells throughout the body, eats old cells and diseased cells, removes junk cells, and clears cancer cells.

When I stopped eating, my mood changed. I had no food in my gut. My mind became clearer. Life became lighter. My brain developed good ideas. My decisions were very good.

People who used to do fasting have been cured of high blood pressure.

When you practice fasting, people tend to think that you are weak. You feel weak and even stronger because you are lighter and lighter.

There are a lot of other benefits as well.

These are Reducing inflammation in the body; Intestinal health; Peace of the whole body. Cessation of existing diseases; Normalization of insulin in the blood; Control of diabetes; Improved digestion;

Muscle strength; Clearing the throat; Bone tightness
Softening of the mind; Skin beauty Body proportions; You will get many benefits such as the bad breath.

Fasting for 36 hours can be done by almost everyone without any difficulty, so we encourage you to do it often to stay healthy and live a long life.

Do not do this for people with diabetes.



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