How to lose weight effectively?

3 main tips for your mind for weight loss

How to lose weight effectively?
How to lose weight effectively?

How to lose weight effectively?

First of all, how old are you and how long have you been gaining weight on your body? Do you think all those fats off your body just gain within one day? Of course not! It took all of us months and years to gain body fat and weight. Don’t fool yourself by doing short terms diet and lose weight quickly in a short time.

Diet plays a big role in your body metabolism yet you can’t just quit your normal diet and do a strict weight loss diet for one or two weeks. That is extremely bad for you and your weight. You will gain weight after you stop that strict diet. That’s why you must know that you can’t reduce your weight just in one month when you have gained all those kilograms/pounds in over years Hey, I didn’t say you don’t have to change your diet though. You have to change your diet but to a diet, you can stick to even after you reached your goal.

Reduce consuming carbohydrates, fats, cold drinks, and fast foods. Controlling a good diet combines with working out will help you reach your goal without gaining weight again. Thus, you have to be persistent if you want a permanent result.

The second thing is you must set your goals and measure your progress of yourself. It is better if you know which part of the body you want to slim down or how much weight you want to lose. You also have to understand your body such as knowing your body limits. So, you have to set small yet perfect goals that your body can keep up your mind throughout your whole progress. If you set such high goals and your body cannot keep up, you won’t lose weight and it will not be worth your hard work.

Resting your body from working out for 2 or 3 days a week is a must, too! After training body muscles for days, you must rest them to get used to the changes in your body. Thus, remember to set small goals and give rest to your body so that you will reach your goal.

Last but not least is WHY ARE YOU WORKING OUT? You must have the answer to this question. Every working out person has their own reasons for it. Some work out to lose weight, or some to gain weight, some for health, some for physical strength, some for mental strength, some to relieve stress, and so on.

The most important thing is you have to be working out by your own decision, for your own good and not for the others. So, if you are working out to impress someone or because someone asks you to since they can’t accept you as you, I kindly recommend you to stop working out. You own your body. You make your own decisions. Do not live for other people. Trust me, baby. You can’t get to your goal if you are working out with pressures forcing you to do so. You have to be pressure-less and enjoy your workout.

The most important is you are beautiful as you are now already. You don’t have to force yourself for someone else. You find your own happiness. Thus, work out for yourself, enjoy the progress and you will get to your goal even faster.

What are you waiting for? Just start your plan now!


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