How to meditate

How to meditate
How to meditate

How to meditate
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When meditating, keep your back straight and do not fall asleep. Do not lean over. Do not tilt your head in any direction. If the upper back is tilted back and forth, the joints will soon be sore because the joints are not straight. Keep an eye out for the disease. I was afraid that I would not be able to sit still to maintain my integrity. If it is pressed, it can cause blood clots. Your arteries may become sore. So, if you do not sit properly, you will deliberately take the pain. These points are important for beginner meditators. You need to breathe in and out regularly. If you inhale too hard and too fast, you will hurt yourself.

Do the Anapana Kamma Dharma first
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Anapana is called inhaling and exhaling. When inhaling and exhaling, do not inhale or exhale too much. Do not breathe too hard, but breathe regularly. Put your mind somewhere on the tip of your nose and lips. You have to be careful. When inhaling anapana, do not miss it. He has to focus on nothing but the sense of knowing how to touch. This is called “mindfulness”. While practicing anapana, the mind goes nowhere. The fact that the mind does not run away from others is called “truthfulness.” The mind is where you are. how to basic

You need to have strong integrity
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Ah, then you have integrity. But more is needed to achieve greater integrity. When you breathe in and out, you have to breathe through your nose. I can’t breathe through my mouth. I breathe in through my nose again. You do not have to breathe on the right side. It is important to have integrity. You do not have to take the other roads. It is important to have integrity.

You need to know how to breathe
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If you breathe through your nose, you know you are breathing. If you breathe, you know you breathe. During the first anapana practice, if you have a runny nose, you are asked to inhale something you like. All you have to do now is focus on the tip of your nose, and the sharpener will be able to keep track of the sharp edges of the razor and the sharpness of the razor just as you would a razor blade. If you make an effort and become aware of this, you will be able to attain great integrity without distractions. If you get good practice, you will be able to establish a concentration in about 15 minutes. This is the way to discipline your mind in striving for good integrity. Let me give you an example of How to meditate.

Like disciplining a wild ox

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If a cowboy wants to discipline a wild bull, plant a strong cotton pole. The wild bull was tied with a rope and tied to a pole. Kamma meditation must be disciplined by tying a wild ox like a rope with mindfulness like a rope. Discipline your mind like this. Have you been disciplined yet? how to relax
Let’s say one more thing. If you want to catch a “cut” creature on a six-hole mountain pass, close the five holes securely. If you wait through the remaining hole, you will actually catch this cut. Eyes Nose Tongue If you close the hatch and wait for the rest of the mana, you will feel like a cut. Is it clear How to meditate?
Thank you, Heavenly Father
How to meditate



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