How to set a clear goal

— to achieve something in your life

How to set a clear goal
How to set a clear goal

How to set a clear goal 

– to achieve something in your life 

Human beings are motivated by one of the 2 things – to make a benefit or to avoid a loss. Sometimes, people even want both of these elements. Yes, of course, you can have both.

But you might not be able to get that success at once. You may have to face many failures before you get to your goal. To achieve something in your life, you have to be persistent and more importantly, you need to set a clear goal. 

1. Make the list

It is similar to a to-do list but with more specifications. Write down what you want to do and what you want to be in a book. Make it clear and short. Include how you are going to try to reach that goal. Don’t forget to include why you have to achieve each of the elements from the list. 

By doing a list, it is easier to see the way to your goal. Like how much time you are gonna need and how hard you will have to try and how persistent you have to be. So, doing a list is the first tip to set a clear goal. 

2. Do as your list 

Yes, it is not difficult to make the list but it is not so easy to perform as you wrote down in your list. Whether it is difficult or not, those things in your list are not gonna happen automatically by themselves.

You have to make those happen by yourself. So, you have to do the things on your list without being lazy. It is also one of the important tips to set a clear goal. 

3. Walk the baby steps 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Set the baby steps to do all the things to achieve your goal. Things can take time so do not give up. Be persistent and walk the baby steps to your goal. In this way, you can reach your goal faster.

4. Think positively 

Positivity is really important for everyone. If you continue thinking negatively, you will end up giving up on your goal. There can be a lot of disturbances on the way to your ultimate goal, but you have to keep positivity in mind. That way, things are getting easier.

So, don’t think negatively or overthink. Try thinking and having positivity in more things. You will get to your goal faster. 

5. Expect success and accept failures 

Nobody gets success at once. Anyone has to try at least twice to achieve their goals. If you have failed to succeed this time, accept those failures and try harder next time. You may have failed more than one time.

It is totally fine. Just don’t give up on your dreams. Continue trying again and again and one day, you will reach your goal. 

6. Celebrate your success and keep going 

If you have succeeded at something, celebrate it. But don’t overdo it. Give yourself a rest and celebrate and keep going on to achieve your main goal.

Remember to never give up but take a rest when you get tired and keep going for yourself to your goal. 

So, I suggest you do follow these 6 tips and I wish you all reach your ultimate goals.



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