How to skip dinner 5Step

tips to skin dinner healthily

How to skip dinner
How to skip dinner

How to skip dinner

Does skipping dinner helps you lose weight?

The answer is yes and no. It actually is up to you. You will lose weight if you are doing the dinner skip diet correctly. But you won’t lose any weight if you are abruptly doing starvation on yourself. 

People often try using calorie-restricting diets to lose weight. By not eating dinner, you may find that you can safely lose weight if you do it correctly.

“What you eat tonight affects your weight tomorrow”, some people say. And it is true for most people. If you eat large meals at late night and sleep right after eating, then you will see your weight is heavier than you used to be the next morning.

This applies the same to skipping dinner. If you skip dinner, you will notice that you lose some pounds after a few days.

Not every way of skipping dinner is right. So, I would like to give some tips to skip dinner effectively and healthily. 

1. Eat your breakfast fully

If you really want to lose weight, never skip your breakfast. Especially when you are doing the dinner skip method for weight loss, eating breakfast fully is highly recommended.

Breakfast always provides you energy and nutrition to carry on a day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you will be more hungry as time goes on. And by the time it is evening, you will eat a lot. That is a disadvantage. So, never skip your breakfast to make use of the skipping dinner. 

2. Don’t Skip Lunch

If you plan to skip dinner, you must eat your lunch. Skipping lunch will make you more hungry at night. You will even end up eating more than usual. So, please do not skip lunch if you want to skip dinner to lose weight. 

3. How to skip dinner

Here comes the most important part. You must have to eat until 6 PM at least if you plan to skip dinner. It’s like some kind of fasting. Eat before 6 PM and don’t consume anything after 6. 

4. Drink a lot of water

Consume a lot amount of water, but not go beyond the limit. Water helps you digest and make your metabolism better. It keeps you hydrated and good at losing weight too. So, drink a lot of water. 

5. Sleep early

Sleeping hours are also very much important. In your first days of skipping dinner, you will be hungry. So, sleeping early is a good option. It might sound funny but sleeping early is really good for weight loss.

“The goal is to eat when the sun comes up and finish eating when the sun goes down. Eating in line with your circadian rhythms can make for better weight management, as well as improved sleep, healthier blood sugar levels, and more,” Nighbert says.

So, it is really good to skip dinner for both your health and fitness. But if you have disease complications, discuss them with your doctor first!

I hope this article helps you all. 


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