Practical knowledge about gonorrhea

Practical knowledge about gonorrhea
Practical knowledge about gonorrhea

Practical knowledge about gonorrhea


About 4 months ago since the road can’t walk knee flexion
See a specialist. Take all kinds of medicine.

Exercise with machines But I’m upset that it did not go away
Living with a friend Found  ‘See for himself’
I can not believe it but try it Yes. Incredible
Almost in a week because it almost disappeared

I want you to try it for yourself

I have been suffering from knee pain since 2005
In 2008, a smooth road in my knees Not so much anymore. Road Don’t go for less than your full potential The professor said.

I haven’t seen him in year’s Friend Professor of Mathematics
Given by Win Swe (Retired) Medication Started today 75% fine.

Friend The neck is twisted This stage disappeared in 45 days
Because I shared it verbally About 3/4 are fine end.

If you have a disease, it is better to want to redistribute it.

Remedy: Very cheap. Try to apply several times a day I need it.

Betel lime and coconut oil mix well

To whiten the application area?
No need What if there is too much lime?
Read the rules and leave, Yes.

What if there is too much coconut oil?
It’s on clothes. Adjust and mix. Proportion
Let dry when convenient Yes.

Lime (5 seeds of the apricot kernel)
6 drops of coconut oil / Add about 7 machines
Yes. Where the combination of the two occurs
To rub for a long time I need.

No side effects, No lime. See you Give it a try. Because it’s convenient If good, the next person Please refer to.

All is well Let them May all be.


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