5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women | Everyday Health

5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women
5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women | Everyday Health

A common disease in women

erectile dysfunction? I have a swollen cervix. I do not know why a thin man falls on his cervix. The lower part of the body swells and makes you look ugly when you wear tights. If you swell up like this even if nothing happens to you, is it a virgin? He has been accused of being sexually promiscuous.

The structure of the cervix in women

Women are naturally larger than men because they have to give birth. There are more cars. The cervical vertebrae are also slightly wider because they need to be enlarged to allow the baby to come out. So the cervix is ​​a little more noticeable.

However, cervical cancer is a common problem in both men and women.

Which side of the cervix is ​​swollen?

The upper part of the cervix (the place of birth of the cervix) is called the mons pubis. Where there is a lot of fatty tissue. Everyone has it, but it is not noticeable when the amount of fat is not too high. If you have large amounts, you may notice swelling when wearing tight clothing (such as skinny jeans, tight jeans, or a swimsuit). Fortunately, it can be surgically repaired. signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Why is it high in fat?

Being overweight here is, by and large, a matter of birth. Thin It has nothing to do with obesity. People with normal weight Finally, even underweight people may be overweight or obese. Genetics means that fat accumulates in this area.

Not everyone who has high levels of fat in the cervix is ​​obese, but a fat person may have a lot of fat in his or her cervix. This means that if the body is full, it is not possible to have only one cervix without fat. The skin of the cervix may also sag. This can happen to both men and women. 5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Another is that if the abdomen is surgically repaired, the abdomen may become thinner and the cervix more exposed. It is not because there is more fat in the cervix, it is because the abdomen is thinner.

After liposuction, the fluid in the abdomen may swell temporarily due to fluid from the abdomen.

Most of the time, you notice more after a tummy tuck like this. It is not because the cervix is ​​too fat, it is because the abdomen is thinner than it looks fat.

How to correct excess fat in the cervix
There are many methods, most of which are surgical methods.


You can absorb fat from the abdomen as well as from the abdomen. It is anesthetized. Normal skin is velvety, with no acne and even in color If you have oily skin, you may be more prone to oily skin.

Monsplasty Is it good to kill the virus?

If liposuction is not enough, there is a mentoplasty procedure to lift the cervix. In mentoplasty, in addition to the excess oil, can also repair sagging skin, leaving it firmer. The advantage is that you can have a baby after birth. Surgery can also be done to repair loose skin on the cervix due to old age. 5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Should Men Have Surgery?

Men also underwent surgery.

Although women are a major source of frustration with menopause, men cannot be left out. They feel that the penis disappears as the oil builds up in the cervix. That’s why they operated. They also know how to absorb fat. It can be operated on with a prosthesis.

What happens after surgery?

These, like other surgeries, cause inflammation of the tissues. Men have a swollen scrotum. This is temporary. It can take up to 6 weeks. In 3-4 months it will be all right.

Brown spots may also appear on the segments. You do not have to worry about getting better in two to three weeks.

As a side effect of other surgeries, the wound may not heal properly. Infection It can cause sores and ulcers. Not everyone does. It can happen if you do not take good care of the wound.  5 Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

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