swimming good for weight loss?

Advantages of swimming

swimming good for weight loss?
Is swimming exercise good for weight loss

swimming good for weight loss?

Swimming is one of the best exercises to burn your body fat. An 80 kilograms person burns approximately 423 calories an hour if they swim laps at a low or moderate pace.

That same person could even burn up to 715 calories in one hour of swimming at a more vigorous pace.

Swimming is also one useful aerobic activity that can boost the rate of your weight loss and can help you achieve overall fitness and toning.

Swimming can burn calories very much and quickly. However, you should know that regular swimming cannot specifically make your belly fat loss. Otherwise, swimming can burn any excess fat which you got from eating that your body had consumed for years.

Those are reserved for energy, and those fat are stored and located in your different body parts such as the stomach, hips, thighs, or other parts of your body.

Swimming is like a full-body workout since we have to use all our body parts when swimming. It tones your muscles, as well as builds endurance.

Swimming also does wonders for your cardiovascular health which is your heart and vessels. Swimming is a low-impact activity, it doesn’t impact the joints.

And that’s why it is advised for people who are suffering from arthritis or people with injuries that prevent them from running. Swimming is also a safe exercise for pregnant women.

Try lap swimming if you are a  generally healthy human. If you are a good swimmer and if your doctor says it’s okay, try lap swimming for weight loss.

There is no problem even if you are not a good swimmer. You can always start from the beginning. A lot of people don’t like putting their face in the water but swimming is really good for weight loss.

However, lap swimming is not recommended if you have an underlying condition or complications such as heart disease or a seizure disorder, which can put you at risk for a life-threatening event in the water.

You might also need to skip lap swimming if you’re not strong enough to climb in and out of the pool easily. And you should be careful if you have injuries to your shoulders or neck. Lap swimming may increase your pain.

However, you can’t lose your body weight only by swimming. You have to adjust your diet and sleeping hours. You must have to to change your lifestyle if you want to lose weight. No pain, no gain, right? Consider swimming as your workout session. It actually is also one of the workouts.

So, if you are healthy enough, try lap swimming as it is one of the best methods to lose weight. Don’t forget to be careful when swimming. Do follow the rules of the swimming pool and follow your coach’s guidelines. Also, adjust your diet and sleep early.

And most importantly, do not forget to stretch your muscles before and after swimming. Since this is also one of the exercises, you must do stretching to prevent cramping. 

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