These are the most important factors for long and healthy life

These are the most important factors for long and healthy life
These are the most important factors for long and healthy life

These are the most important factors for long and healthy life.

And you should not eat anything.

1. For longevity health Life The most important points Every time I go to bed at night Brush my teeth. Brush your teeth And you should not eat anything.

If the mouth is clean, it is a disease 70 foods are automatically protected Son The mouth is not clean 70 types of diseases Have been invited.

keep your mouth clean take care.

2. Go until old age You can live a long and healthy life. Healthy teeth from an early age Sturdy foods Do not overeat; Reduce sugar Eat Always keep healthy life your mouth clean take care.

3. Love in my heart Life Accept only Peace of mind Just think of something.

4. It is to be given to others Think Never to get Do not think

5. Every meal Chew to your heart’s content.

6. Eat lobster daily; Fried, fried, pickled, Sometimes holding the bone Drink and drink.

Lake Power Is in the abdomen All kinds of toxins that can cause disease Cancel Smooth and beautiful skin It cleanses the blood Women’s menstrual issues; The bloodiest, all gynecological diseases Heals well He is a natural healer. If the lake is old Spontaneous exhaustion Calcium from the bones Refill.

Hot water in the morning Let stand

7. Hot water in the morning Let stand and cool for a while Warm and warm Drink 45 minutes after drinking Eat later.

Cancer Chronic pain such as high blood pressure and diabetes Cure disease such as essential oils To put down Be careful Built since last night Put in a gas tank The water should not be hot. It is too late Hot water is poisonous You should not drink it.

8. Once a day About 4 cloves of garlic Serve with rice Peel a squash, grate it, and squeeze the garlic Beat until smooth.
For at least 15 minutes Wait and eat with rice.

Cardiologists two months Over-relief If too much is not good, More than three or four Do not overeat.

Garlic It comes out Fla Gum and external oxygen Use only when exposed to air It is pure blood The chemical that can make it At least because it causes Wait 15 minutes before eating.

That garlic is a heartthrob Blood transfusions are common More than four times more effective That French doctor
Someone once said.

Wind power if eaten in advance Improves blood pressure Purify the outer blood Due to high blood pressure, quadriplegia
Diseases, Strokes, Heart Diseases are prevented Is.

immediately go away healthy life.

9. A regular glass a day Let in about 8 cups of water Drink carefully. I want to urinate If not, immediately go away.

Health is the most important thing God’s word for bribe Put your head on it. Health Life is gold and silver I will never fall for it Be careful. Sleep on time To get sick if eaten on time It is very difficult.

As soon as health Life is affected A complete economy; Marriage Education It is useless to Be aware of this …. :

Good health to all Let

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