Top 5 Yoga relieve menstrual

To reduce menstrual pain.

Top 5 Yoga relieve menstrual
Top 5 Yoga relieve menstrual

Top 5 Yoga poses to relieve menstrual pain

What is menstruation?

Menstruation is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Every month, a woman’s body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, the uterus, or womb, sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus. We normally address it as ‘period’. 

The period is something that every woman has to face every month. This is an extremely important health issue and it can cause you pain and cramps.

What is period pain?

Period pain is common and a normal part of your menstrual cycle. Most women get it at some point in their lives. It is usually felt as painful muscle cramps in the tummy, which can spread to the back and thighs. The pain sometimes comes in intense spasms, while at other times it may be dull but more constant.

Some women can get cramps and pain not only in the tummy but also in the backbones and the whole body. If you are not a woman who has to face period pain every month, you won’t understand that. 

Why do we get cramps and pain during the period?

On the first day of every period, the prostaglandin level in our body becomes so high and causes constriction in uterine muscles and capillaries. That’s why most women get pain and cramps on the first day of every period. 

How can we reduce menstrual pain?

We can reduce the pain through various factors. Medicine, traditional herbs, and home remedies can help with menstrual pain. But doing some light physical activity like Yoga can also reduce the pain. It can make you feel refreshed and energized during the period. 

Top 5 Yoga poses to relieve menstrual pain

1. Child’s Pose

A child’s pose gently stretches your spine, thighs, hips, and ankles. Along with deep breathing exercises, a child’s pose can calm your mind, reducing anxiety and fatigue. A child’s pose can release tension in your lower back muscles, chest, hamstrings, and shoulders. So, a child’s pose can help your mind relax and make you forget about the pain. 

2. Cat-Cow

Cat-Cow, or Chakravakasana, is a yoga pose that’s said to improve posture and balance — ideal for those with back pain. The benefits of this synchronized breath movement will also help you relax and ease some of the day’s stress. But some people say it is hurtful to do a child’s pose. So, be careful on your first try. 

3. Reclining Twist

Yoga twisting poses work on the abdominal muscles and aids the GI tract movement. Twisting actions stimulate blood circulation and release tension in the muscles of the abdomen.

To do a reclining twist, lie on your back with your arms in a T-shape. Move your hips a little over the right and bring your knees over to the left. Support your knees with a bolster or blocks. Hold the pose for 3 to 5 minutes. To come out of the pose, bring your knees over your hips and repeat on the other side.

4. Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose is a great yoga pose to stretch your hips and lower back. When performed correctly, it may increase the flexibility of the hip flexors and lower back muscles while also supporting digestion. Some also believe it can alleviate mental stress or worry since Ayurveda claims these emotions are stored in the hips.

5. Corpse Pose

Some say this pose is the most difficult yoga pose. But it really is a good pose for relieving pain during a period. A corpse pose can calm the mind and reduces stress. It can also reduce headaches, fatigue, and anxiety also lower blood pressure. 



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