What you should know and how to treat

What you should know and how to treat
What you should know and how to treat

What you should know and how to treat

If you urinate a lot, it is difficult to Eat egg yolks

Water leaks in the mouth and lips, Apply four drops of blood.

Exhaustion of diarrhea, Drink rice water and rice water on the Imperial River Do not drink blood. Mumps, Pork leaf, and green turmeric Mix and bandage Give water.

Sudden onset of coronary heart disease

(1) Eat raw ginger with salt (about an inch)
(2) Salt is eaten (less than an inch).
Drink cold water If the house is not happy Dan buffalo boil and drink
Drink Mae Zali Leaf Soup Eat your hands clean.

Nosebleeds, Inhale gum powder.

Toxic venom, Gum blood paste

(39) Uterine cramps
(1) Tharingyi River or 10 tablespoons of bark
(2) 20 tablespoons of ivory juice Mix and drink

  • If the blood clots too much
    Drink a glass of lemon juice
    Drink raw kebabs in advance
  • What you should know and how to treat
    What you should know and how to treat

Kidney disease

The five-headed drinker drank lemon juice and blood from the cracked rock, Put the stones in a clay pot and roast them (do not burn them) until they turn red.

If you have a full stomach

Fat loss pills for obese and obese people.
(1) Mature leaves
(2) Dark golden leaves (pods)
(3) Ripe leaves (no buds)
(4) Ripe white leaves
(5) Not mature
(6) Ripe pickles, Lay Tu Sa Tu Kyo (6 pills)

If you have a cough

Soak the flower in water overnight. In the morning, strain it and drink it.

If you are full, Bitter gourd medicine
Sesame oil: Dilute with white paraffin.
Take advantage of it.

When the nose is closed Grind two small dog petals.
Add little shingles. From small tip to the nose, Draw with liquid.

If you have epilepsy

Drink elephant walnuts. The ups and downs will fall immediately.

If you bite, Apply scabies on scabies.

If you choke, Grind the onion and grind it and eat it.

In case of snail disease, Paddy rice, In combination with rice syrup, I have to eat for many days.

If the limbs tremble
The crushed leaves are crumbling.

If you have back pain
Apply the lotion on the feet.

If malaria occurs
Grind horseradish juice with pepper and drink it.

If the mouth is damaged
Serve with crushed leaves.

If you have a headache
Grease the rice with goat’s milk and blood.

If you stutter
Horseradish every morning
Eat one or two leaves daily.

If you have a sore throat
Squeeze the juice from the crushed leaves.
Apply the salad three or four times in the esophagus.
The germs in the gut will fall off.

If you have constipation
Bleed the essence of the fig tree
Apply frequently under the scalp.

If there is a drop of urine
Boil the onion and drink the juice.

If you have constipation
Eat lots of green onions to increase urination.

If urinary stones are present
Eat lotus root with milk and sugar daily.

If you have diabetes
Boil four cups in half and drink.

If urinary incontinence, Three sails
Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of salt.
Three cups of boiling water; Drink throughout the day.

If the urine is hot
When you urinate, eat hot water and boil the bottle.

Hair regrowth
Grind lemon seeds with water.
Apply to hair daily. Hair regrowth

Apply turmeric and white sap.

If electrocuted

Add salt to the mango while holding it.
If you stand up and eat, you will be happy.

If you have an earache
Roast the onion.
Put warm liquid in the ear
The earache is gone.

If the wind blows in the ear
Let us light a fire on a sailboat.

If it leaks in the ear

The crow crows Mix with coconut oil and serves with chicken wings.

If an insect enters the ear
Eggplant burns pears and steals
Squeeze the ear with mustard oil.

If the milk duct is closed
Grind the leaves
Serve with grilled fish.

Milk thistle extract
It is good to make milk by roasting sesame seeds.

If you have heart disease

Drink a decoction of watermelon;
Inhale the flower and eat the fruit
The roots are gone.

If the nose bleeds
Inhale the sap from the banana tree.

If you have a runny nose
Inhale the juice of the crushed leaves frequently.

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