Why not leave the child alone in the car?

Why not leave the child alone in the car?
Why not leave the child alone in the car

Why not leave the baby alone in the car?

Why not leave the child alone in the car

In the United States, about 38 children a year die from car electric shock. Most start by leaving the baby alone in the car. That is why in many states and some countries in the US it is illegal to leave a child alone in a car.

This means that young children, especially children under the age of six, can be prosecuted if they find someone alone in the car.

This means that it is dangerous to leave the child alone in the car or with a child who has no self-control. It is restricted by law because it can be life-threatening.

How did the children get in the car?

Some were left on purpose and some were accidentally forgotten. For example

The baby was sleeping in the car. I left because I did not want to wake up I was told that I would be back and that I would return immediately I forgot (when I was too busy or too busy I forgot) The child fell asleep while playing in the car without the adults’ knowledge.

I was stuck in the car cushion the child may be in the car for reasons such as playing hide-and-seek in the back of the car.

What are the dangers of leaving children in the car?

Heatstroke is the most common and dangerous condition. Heatstroke can damage a child’s brain and internal organs. Worse, it can lead to death.

When left in the car, the baby’s body temperature rises faster than expected. This is what happens

The temperature inside the car can rise to 20 degrees in about 10 minutes. If you leave it for an hour, it will rise to about 40 degrees. Not as hot as summer. The temperature inside the car can rise in any season.

If the outside temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it is life-threatening inside the car. Do not think that you should open the windows a little to reduce the heat. This does not significantly reduce the temperature.

Another point is that a child’s body heats three to five times faster than an adult. Because of their large surface area, they can absorb a lot of heat. However, the process of lowering the temperature is not as good as for adults.

Most of the children who died from car overheating in the car were under 3 years old. But sometimes up to 14 years old is involved.

Then do not think that you have to turn on the air conditioner. Children, even if it is not heat

I was playing in the car and crouched between the cushions
An accident can start the car and cause a car accident.

So how do you protect your children from this danger?

The best way is to never leave your baby alone in the car. Don’t even leave it for a minute.

Also, stay with your baby. Do not leave her alone, especially with children under 12 years of age. When a baby gets hot, they can do nothing and they can get hot.

Sometimes you may not have intended to forget. To avoid this, make it a habit to look in the backseat before getting out of the car. Keep important items (such as wallets) close to your child. That way, when you get out of the car and pick up the item, the baby will not be left behind.

In addition to these points do not leave your child alone in the car. This means that the parents are somewhere. It’s like a child playing in the car.

As soon as you get out of the car, be sure to lock the car doors and back cover to prevent the child from getting back in.

Keep the car keys out of the reach of children.

If your child suddenly disappears, get in the car. Find the back cover. If you have a swimming pool at home, look it up first.

  • Keep the children in the car It is very dangerous.
    Heatstroke can be life-threatening.
  • If the child is playing, he or she may slip and fall between the car cushions and cause other accidents.
  • Therefore, it is advisable not to leave the car locked for a while.
  • Why not leave the child alone in the car?
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