With the onset of summer

With the onset of summer
With the onset of summer

every home has air conditioning and heating.

Fans have to be reused. It is very comfortable and very comfortable, especially from the cold air from the air conditioner.

But whether it is due to concerns that the meter will cost more, If you do not want to turn on the air conditioner continuously due to your health, you can use the following methods.

Even if you do not have an air conditioner in your home, these tips will still work.

To get through the summer without air conditions.

High temperatures can lead to serious health problems, such as heat stroke, so you need to keep your body temperature as low as possible. To mimic heat at a low cost

Close the curtains during the day.

Do not rush to ask if the curtains are closed. In the summer, curtains are exposed to direct sunlight, which raises the temperature of the house. Suddenly it looks like a greenhouse.

So close the curtains during the day. But keep the windows open. Then the wind will not blow and the sun will not set. Curtains can be used in dark colors that absorb heat.

Turn off the lights when

you don’t need them. Light bulb Lights don’t give light.
Over time, the temperature rises and the room becomes hot.
Thus, light bulbs, Turn off the lights when you don’t need them.

Wear loose-befitting apparel With the onset of summer.
Wear loose-befitting, sweaty cotton apparel.

For women, reduce your use of undergarments as much as possible at home.

Drink water.

This is a must-drink. Dehumidification
due to sweating is more common than usual.

 Rather Ghanaian soft drinks drink water. Mineral water Drink candied natural fruit authorities.
You can drink cold water further than normal water.

In addition to drinking water, chill fruits and vegetables.

Eating authorities and ice cells can also help keep you doused.
Lower your body temperature With the onset of summer.

This is the system used in cases of heatstroke. This is a quick way to lower your body temperature.

Find 6 small napkins and immerse them in water. 

Squeeze the water out of the left and right lower jaw. Between left and right Stick it on the left side of the ham. When the water dries, it can be applied again.

Comfortable lying down and sticking to a diaper also lowers body temperature.

Take a shower.

Utmost of them break at home rather than on the swash bank as ahead. Don’t break just after returning from the heat. When you take a shower, pour it sluggishly with a shower or mug and take a cool shower. You can use plain water. Don’t use ice water.

You can also take a nap to get a good night’s sleep. However, apply a wet bathing suit, If grown-ups a bath.

Tie your hair.

Especially women. Keep your hair tangled and tangled so that it doesn’t get tangled With the onset of summer.

Else, the throat and neck may become hot and sweaty. From then, gemütlichkeitgrow.

However, brush your hair and keep it clean in bed, If you sleep at night.

Keep windows open at night.

This time, both windows and You can now turn it on and off. It can be open from evening to evening. During the day, the cool air at night will dissipate the heat in the house.

Chill the hood.

Still, put the pillowcase in a clean bag and put it in the refrigerator, If you don’t want to feel hot when you put your head down.

Put it in during the day and take it out at bedtime.

However, you can sleep peacefully, If you put it on. There’s no need to worry that the room temperature won’t freeze enough to cause a stroke.

Let the addict cool.

This is volition to air exertion. Place it in front of a fan, either in the freezer or freezer or with a with aa damp cloth Also the air from the sucker will be more or less cold With the onset of summer.

It’ll not be as cold as the air coming out of the air conditioner, but it’ll be comfortable.

The old Egyptian way This is done by soaking your wastes or robes in water and cooling them. People then also do veritably hot summer nights.

But sleeping in wet clothes is said to hurt your hands in the morning. Let me tell you the right way to prevent this from happening.

Just spray water on your coverlet or mask and let it dry until it is moist. However, spot it with water, If the mat is wet With the onset of summer.

Avoid getting too wet or too dry.

Then put it to bed. You have to sleep under a blanket. However, you need to lower the fan, If you sleep on a wet bed.

It’ll soon dry out due to body temperature. Before that, I had to sleep peacefully.

That way, you can get a good night’s sleep and not get sick in the morning.

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